Nothing Beats An Old-School Diner

Vinyl bar stools, sturdy ceramic coffee mugs, a “24/7” sign outside: no matter where you are in the country, these are the items you can expect to find in a diner. While certain intangible qualities make the American diner the beloved institution that it is, its success is due to some key characteristics.

The pie case is always charming, the mini jukeboxes always exciting and the chrome countertops always inviting. No matter how many times you’ve seen all of these things before, when you step into a diner, they all feel simultaneously unique and familiar.

We asked HuffPost readers and fellow editors to name their favorite part of a this trusty American icon. Here are the 19 best things about eating at a diner.

1. “Having ‘the usual.’” — Facebook user Wendy Westgate

2. “The classics: a good Reuben and a club sandwich are essential.” — Facebook user Liz Harris

3. “Gravy.” — Facebook user Alice Rodgers


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